What a skin! what a pose! what a bikini! what a background! what a model! What a photographic work! I totally love this work. It looks animated or probably constructed but I guess that’s how wicked the camera lenses are. I like it!

Model of the Month

Our Model of the Month issue was supposed to have come out three days before now but it is finally out. We apologize to all our fans who have been expecting this, we promise no more delays. This Photo was shot by 10.0.6 Media. Our model of the month whose name is Hawa , hails…

Model of the Week

Here’s our model of the week for this week.. Pamela is a student of the prestigious University of Calabar, she obviously has great looks, that professional model like physique and of course the outfit and the pose that puts her on this weeks number one spot. Go Unical!

What a Smile!

  The looks, the texture, the composure and the outfit are an important part of making a model-photography work but when making a head shot work, you just can’t do without the smile, it’s the voodoo behind the head shot. A glorious smile ends up producing an amazing photograph just like this photo. Great smile-awesome photography


I’ve always known that the color red is just as intense as it is seductive. The photographer here takes advantage of the seductive nature of the color red and merges it with a mesmerizing model with an awesome skin. Who dares to look away?! definitely not me.  you just can’t help it, the photo keeps…

Clear Shot- Reze Bonna

Beyond the awesome camera work and the stunning beauty of the model, She has a striking resemblance to the celebrity actress “Angelina Jolie” and even if not total resemblance, you just can’t deny that luscious lips looks so much like Jolies’. She could be related to her, who knows?! but one thing is for sure,…

So Pretty

There has always been something about Black and White photos that I have always admired for so long. In  more ways than one way, I have found that Black and White pictures make the models more sexually appealing and it also gives the picture that kind of taste you just want to lick badly. This…

On the Streets of Africa

A smoking hot model smoking a pipe?! Now that’s hot. This Nigerian photographer has got just the right taste, for plot, fashion and model to create this one of a kind picture that just makes you stare longer and harder. Such a marvelous piece this is.  

In The Dark

Now there’s a common conception that evil always lurks in the dark, while this maybe true, it is certainly untrue for this photographic work. wonderful Artistry and beautiful lens work is all there is to this photograph. This is also by a Nigerian  photographer.

Dawn in Paradise

  The beauty of the sunrise is unimaginable and even the best cameras can’t capture the feeling, but what happens when you team up a beautiful sunrise with a fabulous model? This Nigerian photographer got it just right… Perfection!


If you have ever seen the Pirates of the Caribbean, you’ll know for sure that this lady is “Captain Jack sparrow” material. Awesome work by the Nigerian photographer that shot this image.