#4 place to be 2017- Perak, Malaysia.

Perak is a state in the northwest of Peninsular Malaysia, coined as the Land of Grace, Perak is the second largest state in Peninsular Malaysia.
It is a land prized by natural tropical beauty and rich in a history of culture. The capital city Ipoh is known for its British colonial landmarks, including a baroque railway station. Sam Poh Tong is a huge Buddhist cave temple filled with wall paintings. The town of Gopeng is a base for rafting on the Kampar river. Off the west coast, the resort island of Pulau Pangkor has forested hills and the ruins of a 17th-century Dutch fort.
Perak’s capital, Ipoh, is nurturing a bloom of vintage-style cafes and boutiques. The nucleus of this old-meets-new makeover is Kong Heng Block, surrounding the imaginative Sekeping Kong Heng hotel. Here, cheerful joints like Roquette Cafe, Burps & Giggles and Bits & Bobs pull a vibrant crowd to shop, dawdle and slurp ais kepal (ice balls) in this historic neighbourhood. Meanwhile, guesthouse owners and tour guides on Pangkor Island are starting to lead sustainable nature walks and village tours, thanks to a mentoring scheme by NGO ECOMY. In this sunbather’s paradise, an emerging focus on wildlife is a breath of fresh, sea air.

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