Far from the word safety, this is not modern boxing, this sport reveals the brutal nature of the Northern Nigerians. It might seem like just a normal fight club, or rather a kick boxing match, but don’t be fooled, this is Nigeria’s very own Gladiator show down, where people die and others get paid in wealth and applaud.

There are no fancy gloves here like in the game of boxing instead the contestants’ stronger hands are wrapped in hard rope intended to pummel their opponent to the ground- in past days this rope could even be dipped in resin and shards of broken glass to make the blows even lethal.

That practice is now illegal, but still very much practiced in the north by free men. with or without the gloves, the  sport is a dangerous one – the aim is to strike your opponent with kicks and punches, trying to make them fall to the floor- a dead opponent is just as good.


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