Bullet Ants- The Ritual

Being a grown up in the western world is more of sleeping and waking while time does the rest but in the Amazon, becoming an adult doesn’t mean celebrating the first sight of hair on your nether regions. For the Satere-Mawe tribe in Brazil, it means sticking your hands into gloves filled with brutal already irritated BULLET ANTS for at least ten minutes . Now, if you don’t know what a bullet ant is, let us inform you. Bullet ants, or Paraponera Clavata, have a Schmidt Sting Pain Index of ONE. That’s the highest pain ratings of any sting, 30 times more painful than a bee sting. The name is awarded appropriately given their stings are compared to being shot with bullets. If that’s what becoming a man entails, then I know no men. Here’s a video that shows how “stingingly” painful it is to become a man.

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