Top 5 Fashion crimes WOMEN commit

If dressing badly was a crime punishable by imprisonment, so many women would be looking at a 100 years to life imprisonment for crimes against fashion. While we are going to be revealing the 5 fashion crimes women commit, we are also going to juice it up with photos of some major fashion offenders and how many years they would have been looking to face.

  • Muffin Tops: first of all, most ladies tend to confuse muffin tops with hips- for the records, they are similar in a lot of ways, but just one tiny little difference; the latter is the only sexy one. The muffin top isn’t just a fleshy over flow that makes you look a little bit chubby on the side, but the so called “muffin top” will literally butcher your fine physique, making your #legs look shorter and your waist chunkier! so whatever you do, avoid low waist jeans that creates Muffins out of you.

Maybe 3 years…or 5 years for cropping her top.!



  • Too Much Bling: I get how much we all want to be stars, but some ladies just take it too literal and too personal. Playing up your outfit with a couple of carefully chosen pieces of jewelry is a definite DO, but Over-doing it, however, is downright one of the worst fashion mistakes out there and probably something you’ll want to make sure to avoid, unless you are in a shinning competition with the sun, then yea.

Definitely 20 years for her!


  • Showing too much: There is time for everything under the sun, a time to wear clothes and a time to be naked, a time to show little and a time to show much. Unfortunately, some women don’t know this yet. Showing too much of anything doesn’t make you look sexy! not unless you are a model maybe on a #playboy issue. Sure, we can turn a blind eye but only if you’re younger than 20 which is generally considered a perfect age to invest in such trends but 30s, 40s and some women just don’t when to quit even in the 50’s, it’s just wrong! Abstain

17 years all the way, without parole.


  • Under fitting et Over fitting: Getting the right fitting for dresses can be such a chore at times but some ladies intentionally adopt over fitted clothing as their trend while some other choose those under fitting wears. Too small or Too big, that’s the perfect choice and they neglect the perfect fitting clothing. Don’t hide in the folds of your baggy outfit and don’t try to squeeze yourself into something just for the sake of being able to say “I’m a size so-and-so”.
    Your outfit needs to have shape and structure, it needs to show off your best parts, flatter your curves and be kind to your critical spots.

Undoubtedly 900 years with hard labor and without parole, awaiting the Electric Chair!


  • Women’s Underwear: choose the underwear wisely. It can be pretty and rosy or go south and be totally humiliating. It might easily be the worst fashion mistake ever and I believe you’ll agree!
    Choosing the right underwear isn’t rocket science and although matching individual garments can sometimes prove to be tough work, your entire effort goes down the drain if you neglect this crucial thing. Try to put on the right under wear just in case something like this happens!

Get out of Jail free Card.. Bathroom malfunction not wardrobe



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