The SING-SING festival


In Papua New Guinea, there is a particular festival that takes place annually towards the end of the every year that primarily involves the gathering of a few tribes or villages. They are attended by tribes from all over the country and these people arrive to show their distinct culture, dance and music. The aim of these gatherings is to peacefully share traditions. This gathering is called the Sing-Sing of Papua New Guinea. The Villagers paint and decorate themselves for the sing-sings and Each tribe displays its own unique style of fashion, music and dance, creating an amazing spectacle of colors and sounds. The costumes are what you would expect from the original masters of fancy dress: bright feathers from tropical birds, resplendent head-dresses, ornate bone piercings, necklaces of leaves and jangling shells, face-paintings.

The first sing-sing was held in the town of Goroka in 1957 — that’s over a decade before Woodstock gave birth to the modern western music festival phenomenon. The Goroka Cultural Show is still held every year, drawing over 100 tribes from around the country. This modern era, the Goroka Show takes place from 14-16 September, tourists from all over the world are welcome. Enjoy the video!

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