The ARTIST who stood up to ROBERT MUGABE


Born in 1981 in Zimbabwe, Kudzanai Chiurai is an internationally acclaimed young artist now living and working in South Africa. He was the first black student to graduate with a BA Fine Art from the University of Pretoria. Regarded as part of the “born free” generation in Zimbabwe – born one year after the country’s independence from Rhodesia – Chiurai’s early work focused on the political, economic and social strife in his homeland.

Perhaps best known for being exiled from his homeland Zimbabwe after standing up to the country’s president Robert Mugabe with a series of controversial paintings, artist Kudzanai Chiurai is considered one of Africa’s youngest emerging contemporary talents. His daring and arresting artworks in mixed media, which includes paintings, drawings, video and photography, talk about xenophobia and democracy, economic crisis and the influence of politics on his country. Kudzanai Chiurai also uses spray paint and stencils to create outdoor pieces that speak loudly about the oppressing situation in Zimbabwe.

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