So many photos have be created to express the pains of those that have been kidnapped and taken away from their homes to be sex slaves in other countries. This shot is just one of those but with better lighting and a more detailed expression. The male figure in the shadow by his physique and body structure can be said to be physically fit. He represents the strengths the kidnappers have in our society, and the fact that we can’t tell who exactly these culprits are, leaves the photographer no other option than to put the face of the male figure in the dark. The female figure obviously tells the the many fragiles and helpless girls that have been forcefully torn from their homes and have been traded as sex slaves in all the countries all over the world.

This is a great photographic work and the concept is just beautiful. The lighting, the quality and the models are just what this work needed. This is an amazing work and I like it!


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