83 & 80s

One of the attractive things about Nigerian fashion designers is the method by which they give names to their various labels. 83 & 80s is one of those attractively smooth names i’m talking about. Karen Jacobs is a Port Harcourt born local fashion designer and Sociologist who happens to have graduated from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. She currently lives and works in Port Harcourt as an administrator in an Urban Development Company. She is inspired by a deep seated, passionate, and highly enthusiastic belief that every woman should love dressing up and have a passion for fashion regardless of her signature style. She is inspired by a cocktail of Michelle Obama’s elegance, Coco Chanel’s timeless and Madonna’s fun and outgoing signature style. She created the 83&80’s label to bring back the colorful, bold, fun, and edgy eighties fashion. If you think the labels name is the only thing fantastic about 83 & 80s then get a load of these photographs underneath; they are even better.


83 & 80s.jpg




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