Men in Ankara – (MIA)

Amazing right?! well for a fact, it’s not just the ladies that look awesome in Ankara, all men do especially when they have the right one on. I’m even tempted to think they look better on Ankara than women do. Men who style up using Ankara material have an already established definition- classy, stylish, matured, affluent, cool and of course my personal favorite sleek. Even if he normally doesn’t have any of these mentioned qualities, he just tends to look the part when he’s on it. In comparison to a man on a tuxedo, let’s see… it’s a bit of a drag though but am totally cheering for the men in Ankara. Unlike the Tux that’s virtually worn by all races and all the time like I mean the Chinese, German, Portuguese, French, English and all of them, the Ankara is unique to the African man. Here are a few dope photographs i think you’d like.




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