A warriors Price

The Maasai people of Kenya are an isolated group who are basically warriors and cattle herders. Like any group, there is hierarchy and competition to be respected and acknowledged. Unlike the western world where you’d probably have to go to school and get a job to be respected, in Kenya among the Masai, to be respected you’d have to attain the level of a Maasai Moran which typically means a Maasai warrior. It doesn’t seem like a big deal yea, but it really wouldn’t be a big deal if they didn’t have to enter into a jungle alone and hunt down a lion with just a spear- yeah!just a spear!.Usually between the ages of about 14 and 30, during this life stage they live in isolation in the bush, learning tribal customs and developing strength, courage, and endurance—traits for which Maasai warriors are noted throughout the world.


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