Life After Death-The Maasai

The Maasai  people of Kenya have unique beliefs and rituals during certain aspects of their culture like, birth, marriage, death, becoming a man and so on but one of the most interesting belief is about life after death. The word Enkai is a term that is used to define everything in between the earth and the sky  (including them both). The Maasai believe that Enkai has two faces – a black side that is kind and loving, and a red side that is evil and cruel. Thunder is said to be the sound of the two sides fighting. This is what the Masai believe in. It is said that every person has a guardian spirit, and at the moment of death, this spirit carries the person to one of two places: to a desert if the person has led an evil life, or to a cattle-rich land if the person has led a good life. If a child dies, then it is said that they have gone missing, and if an old person passes away, it is said that they are sleeping. The actual burial is exclusively reserved for the great chiefs of the tribe only, as a sign as a sign of respect, while the rest of the tribe are almost always left outdoors for scavengers and predators to dispose of, since the Masai believe that the burial of a dead body is harmful to the soil. They also believe that when you are dead, you are gone, and there is no after life.


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