Welcome! Please have my Wife

Would you offer your wife as a sign hospitality to some random or familiar guest just cause you appreciate his/her visit? I didn’t think so. This bizarre culture is practiced among the nomadic people of Namibia and it is referred to in their native lingual as “okujepisa omukazendu” – which plainly means “offering a wife to a guest”. Its kind of how you would describe a gentleman in their nomadic society. Of course, the wives don’t have much say in the matter. They’re swapped and changed and enjoyed by different men from heavens knows where.
They say it strengthens their friendships and prevents promiscuity. “It’s a culture that gives us unity and friendship,” said Kazeongere Tjeundo, a lawmaker and deputy president of the opposition Democratic Turnhalle Alliance of Namibia. Sadly this practice is coming to an end pretty soon.


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