Fashion Tips from Dior’s Jon-Michail

1. Don’t buy cheap:

Purchase the best quality of outfit you can afford. This will ensure you look the part labelled “classy” and will last you for a long time. In short, don’t buy cheap clothes, if you can’t best quality outfits, then save for it.

2. Dress appropriately for the occasion:

” How you arrive, that’s the price you are” quote from M.I Abaga. The minute you appear at an occasion, your appearance does all the talking for you. Jon-Michail believes in “dressing for the job you want not the job you have….The more classic you stay, the more opportunity to hit the mark,”. Always look outstanding.

3. Don’t under-dress or over-accessorize:

Jon-Michail says often people try to “rebel” and go that care-free look, that casual mood look and be like “who cares?!”. But according to him this does not portray success. He says, “The only people that can afford to look poor are the rich, and the rich don’t.” Don’t over accessorize or in simpler terms “don’t over Gadge” or people will shift their focus from you to your accessories. Then have a great hair and perfect make-up done (they can ruin the entire package if not right).

4. Get your colors right:

“Color plays a bigger part than design and style; It gets noticed first.” Jon-Michail continues, “wearing the wrong color is almost as bad as not wearing an outfit.” Pick out matching colors or complementing colors that suit you or rather your complexion.

5. Don’t buy clothes impulsively:

If you buy clothes on impulse “you’ll end up with a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear”. Fashion is an art and like every art it is coordinated. Planing is a necessity in purchase of wears.

6. Know your body shape and dress to it:

“It’s about packaging a human to maximize their personal traits.

“If you are an inverted triangle shape you should wear unstructured looser cuts and trousers with a fuller leg, and avoid anything that exaggerates the shoulders,”.

If you are a rectangle shape he suggests trying to get shape around your waist, while if you are more oval, trying to avoid patterns like checks and materials he calls “fat fabrics” such as knitted materials. They make you look bigger than you are.

“If you are thin the objective is to create a look with more fullness and shape. From a women’s perspective this is to make them look healthier… and the male perspective is to make him look more substantial.”Ill-fitting clothes gives others the impression “this guy hasn’t got it together”, he says.

7. Don’t dress to please somebody else:

Fashion is an art of self expression, it is suppose to tell the kind of person you are not the kind of person some one else is. Its okay to imitate someone else as long as the desired result is achieved, but don’t be a mirror imaging of that person.JUMPSUIT


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